“There’s this old castle, north of here…”

"There's this old castle, north of here..."

I knew I wanted to tease the eye towards the dude munching a turkey leg in the background, which is why I kept him closer to being in focus. [I sometimes like something to catch the viewer’s eye without being a huge distraction. It happens in the real world all the time.] When it came time for composition, I had several options; I don’t often use leading lines intentionally, but in this case, it worked for me.

“Goodnight, Mac.”

"Goodnight, Mac."  24/?

I’m not sure how I feel about these long story arcs that keep coming up for me. I’m more accustomed to trying to tell a wee story in one-to-a few images. I find spreading it out over more is really challenging. [Continuity. It’s my demon.]

This shot is the penultimate of the longest series I’ve ever done. I was feeling like Mac, here, as if something big was winding down. I made the light ambiguous, like it could be midnight… or 3:00am… or just before dawn. The sergeant at the desk is just a hair out of focus; Mac doesn’t completely notice him.